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A bit about our history

Our History

Orion 1967

Our history began in 1967 at Congonhas Farm by Honorato Rodrigues da Cunha in Rancho Alegre, PR, where soil pests remaining from an eradicated coffee plantation were about to make the new soybean crop unfeasible.

In an attempt to help his father solve this serious problem, his son Ricardo, at just 15 years old, created — without realizing it — the first Brazilian equipment for applying liquid products in the planting furrow to combat soil pests.

His invention was far ahead of its time, and for years he improved, modernized, and adapted his equipment to the new challenges and products that arose over time. In 1999, he founded his company, "Orion," initially as a small endeavor.

A success story

Today, Orion is an absolute market leader in Brazil and Latin America. Ricardo's invention made the viability of using biological products in Brazilian agriculture possible. These products are now used on a large scale as a means of achieving economic, social, environmental, and agronomic sustainability. They bring food security and agronomic longevity by replacing chemical products with biological alternatives.

A visionary story

This is a visionary story of perseverance and success that we share with you, because those who don't know how to share don't deserve to have.

Nossa Equipe

Ricardo Rodrigues Da Cunha
Ricardo Rodrigues Da Cunha

President / Research and Development Director

With over 50 years working as a farmer, Ricardo Cunha has always sought and developed innovations and solutions to achieve higher productivity in his crops. Creative and resourceful, in the 1970s he developed equipment to apply products in the furrow, as he believed it was the most efficient way to combat soil pests that were causing severe damage to his soybean fields.

In 2006, after more than 30 years refining and testing his equipment, Ricardo Cunha decided to share his invention with other soybean farmers and founded Orion Tecnologia e Sistemas de Injeção. Currently, his equipment inoculates and/or applies to combat soil pests on over a million hectares.

Thanks to his tireless pursuit of perfection, innovation, and quality, Orion is now considered the company that provides the most efficient and reliable in-furrow application equipment on the market, and is present on the farms of Brazil's most successful farmers.

Alexandre e Silva Santiago
Alexandre e Silva Santiago

Chief Financial Officer

He began his career in the Metalworking Industry, but stood out in the Financial Market where he worked for about 10 years.

Always attracted to Mathematics, he sought his development in Finance.

Graduated in Business Administration from UNIVEM in Marília and post-graduated in Business Economics from the Universidade Estadual de Londrina (UEL), he became a High Net Worth Relationship Manager in the banking sector, focused on Financial Consulting and Investments, for which he holds certification required by Anbima (Brazilian Association of Financial and Capital Market Entities).

Throughout his career, he has always been closely linked to Agribusiness, always seeking to undertake and facilitate the Company/Client relationship.

Camila Freitas
Camila Freitas

Administrative and Financial Manager

An industrial professional active in the administrative and financial sector since 2008, Camila embarked on her journey with Orion in 2015, starting as an administrative assistant. In 2017, she was promoted to the position of Administrative and Financial Manager.

With a degree in Human Resources Management Technology and a postgraduate degree in Management of People and High-Performance Teams from Univem in Marília, Brazil, Camila has gained knowledge through various training programs encompassing ISO 9001, leadership techniques, organizational culture and climate, and personnel management.

Currently, she holds the responsibility of leading the administrative, human resources, and financial teams, and she serves as an advisory member of the People Management Committee.

José Augusto Ferreira
José Augusto Ferreira

Projects Coordinator

He began his career in 2008 as an apprentice at Grupo Jacto. He was a student of the Machining Mechanic course at Senai (National Industrial Apprenticeship Service), where he developed his passion for engineering.

He was a standout in his class and was invited to participate in the Knowledge Olympics - Turning Professions, organized by CNI (National Confederation of Industry), in the CNC Turning category. He won a gold medal in 2011 at the state level, representing the Senai Shunji Nishimura School in Pompéia-SP, and a silver medal in 2012 at the national level, representing the state of São Paulo. In 2014, he was selected to compete in the International Phase (WorldSkills Americas), representing the Brazilian Delegation in Bogotá, Colombia, and once again won the gold medal.

Still in 2014, he started working with the Orion team, developing new products, new suppliers, and new technologies for the market. In 2017, he graduated as a Mechanical Designer and Drafter, also from Senai, and in 2020, he graduated in Electrical Engineering from FAIP in Marília-SP.

He is currently pursuing a postgraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Unicesumar in Maringá-PR.

Carla Maranho Zanchetini Scanavacca
Carla Maranho Zanchetini Scanavacca

Test Analyst

Graduated from Fatec Shunji Nishimura de Tecnologia, Carla is a technologist in Precision Agriculture Mechanization and a specialist in Business Management from Fundação Getúlio Vargas.

Her passion for agriculture began early in her life, as her family of agricultural and livestock producers exposed her to the reality of the field from an early age, and she has always been involved in activities related to the sector.

At Orion, she found her legacy, focusing on helping a sector that contributes so much to feeding the world.

Jessica Oliveira de Souza
Jessica Oliveira de Souza

Development Manager

Jessica holds a degree in Information Systems from Eurípides de Marília University Center (UNIVEM) and a master's degree in Information Science from São Paulo State University (UNESP). Her career as a developer began at Cygni Agrociência, a company within the Orion Group, in late 2017.

For her proactive approach in planning, developing, and assisting in leading her team on IT projects, Jessica now heads the development team and the IT department as a Development Manager.

Matheus Farraroni Sanches
Matheus Farraroni Sanches

Director of Information Technology

With a master's degree and currently a PhD candidate in Computer Science from UNICAMP, Matheus has devoted his academic career to research in artificial intelligence and sensitive data privacy for deep learning models.

He is the author of several nationally and internationally recognized scientific publications, awarded on various occasions. In 2016, Matheus began his journey at CYGNI as a developer and progressed to the position of Director of IT. At CYGNI, he focused on the remote sensing platform, related tools, and technologies, as well as engaging in partnership formalization and the development of new projects.